I Create Custom Campaigns with REAL Results

 Proven and Verifiable Results
 Optimized for Speed and SEO
 Aggressive Cutting Edge Marketing

I am an experienced marketer and web designer, and an expert in developing dynamic campaigns tailored to the client and their industry.  Website Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Reputation Management, Press Releases, PPC Paid Advertising and Inbound Organic Marketing.

These custom campaigns consistently compete for the top search ranking year after year.

♦ Offering face-to-face meetings and customized campaigns
♦ Full Service Agency – I cover every aspect of your digital campaign
  ◊ I supply everything needed to build, market, rank, and maintain
♦ Over 25 years experience in Marketing/Advertising
♦ Specializing in Agent marketing 7+ years (Health, Life, P&C, Real Estate)
  ◊ Marketing regulations, Logo specifications, HIPAA compliance etc.
♦ Using WordPress exclusively since 2008
♦ Google Trusted Tester since 2010
♦ Licensed, Bonded, Insured

My Belief…My passion:    
I firmly believe in solid marketing strategy + top ranking website + powerful messaging = conversion.  What you say, how you say it and where you place it matters (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.)  I offer one-on-one client meetings and personal service (yes, I actually listen to what you want and expect) compared to the cookie cutter factory assembly line of traditional agencies and online marketers.

What’s So Great About My Websites and Marketing Campaigns?

Results! Results! Results!

Just because you place an ad, post a picture or build a website, doesn’t mean people will click on it or even see it.  Your campaign needs to be ranked, relevant and compelling; drawing your customers attention to you and away from your competitors.  

You need to be on the first page of the search engines and ranked in the top three, but you must also compete in social media, directory listings, press releases and more.  For a complete and dominant online campaign, and the most traffic/customers, you must compete everywhere.

My Resume:
I have worked FOR and WITH some very large organizations and in some of the most competitive markets.  You can view my complete list on my website.  Why does that matter?  Because ranking a dog groomer in a small town somewhere in Nebraska is easier than a Lawyer, Doctor, or Insurance agent in Las Vegas, Los Angeles or New York.  I do not use contracts with my clients, but still have clients that have remained with me for over 4 years.

I went to school and grew up old school marketing, then when the internet came into play (and all my peers said it was a fad), I dove head first and started learning everything I could (from coding and design to SEO and SERP’s.  I took what I knew from my marketing past and used it to find new ways to succeed in this wonderful new field.  I became very good at it.

I have been an employee, a manager, an owner.  I have clients, but I also do subcontracting or 1099 work for agencies and companies that are having trouble competing in the SERPS and their in-house departments just aren’t cutting it.


Although I am VERY good at designing websites and internet campaigns, I am NOT a salesperson nor do I employ a salesperson.  I am a one person agency.

If you’re not sure WHY ranking in the top three on page one is beneficial, or if you need to be SOLD, or be subjected to “hard selling”, I am not your guy.  But if you understand the need for marketing, embrace it, and want a legitimate campaign that offers actual results; then I encourage you to visit my website.

e-mail: info@jimpuglin.com
Phone: 702-726-1008

Visit my website: https://www.jimpuglin.com/