Jindal Medi Surge is an Indian company founded to cater to the needs of Government Institutes, Private Hospitals & Small Clinics in India & Worldwide. We have established our name in the healthcare industry as one of the reliable source for all healthcare products. We diversified in Manufacturing, Import & Export of Healthcare Products & has became a prominent name in the industry. We provide quality products at good prices with prompt delivery timing & user friendly policies & contracts. We believe in the philosophy of keeping the world in "The Pink Of Health"

Orthopedic / Surgical Instruments
Orthopedic Instruments
ACL / PCL Instruments
Angled Blade Plate Instruments
Bone Cutting Instruments
Bone Drill & Wire Instruments
Bone Hammers
Bone Holding Instruments
Bone Taps
Cannulated Instruments
Counter Sinks
DHS / DCS Instruments
Drill Bits
Drill Guides & Sleeves
Gauges & Handles
General Surgery Instruments
Graphic Implant / Instrument Sets
Hip Prosthesis Instruments
Hooks, Levers, Retractors & Elevators
Knee Surgery, Steffee & Staple Instruments
Kuntscher Cloverleaf Nail Instruments
Locking Plate Instruments
Mini Fragment Instruments
Nailing Instruments
Plaster Cutting Instruments
Plate Bending Instruments
Removal / Extraction Instruments
Screw Drivers
Skull Surgery Instruments
Spinal Stabilizing Instruments Set
Spine Surgery & Herbert Screw Instruments
Sterilization Boxes & Tubes
Titanium Elastic Nail Instruments
Veterinary Instrumentation
Battery / Electric Drill, Saw, Reamers
Battery / Electric Drill, Saw, Reamers
Battery Powered Drill, Saw, Reamer & More
Electric Powered Drill, Saw, Reamer & More
Dental Instruments / Equipments
Dental Instruments / Equipments
Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation Aids
Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation Aids
Allied Products
Commode Class
Crutches & Sticks
General Items
Wheel Chair Class
Orthopedic Implants
Orthopedic Implants
DHS/DCS Implants
DCS Plates
DHS Plates (Adult & Pediatric)
DHS Plates (Double & Variable Angled)
DHS Plates (Short Barrel)
DHS/DCS Screws (Adult & Pediatric)
Hip Prosthesis
Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis
Bipolar Hip Prosthesis
Thompson Hip Prosthesis
Implant Sets
Knee, Hip, Shoulder Replacements
Locking Implants
Locking Cancellous Screws
Locking Cannulated Cancellous Screws
Locking Clavicle Bone Plates
Locking Compression Plates
Locking Cortical Screws
Locking DHS Plates
Locking Femur Bone Plates
Locking Fibula Bone Plates
Locking Humerus Bone Plates
Locking Innovative Plates
Locking Proximal Radial Head Plates
Locking Reconstruction Plates
Locking T & L Plates
Locking Tibia Bone Plates
Spacers & Washers
Nailing Implants
Elastic Nails
Enders Nails
Interlocking Nails
Kuntscher Nails
Rush Nails
Simplified Universal Nail
Square Nails
Pin Implants
Austin Moore Pins
Denham Pins
Front Threaded Pins (Schanz Screws)
Knowles Pins
Steinmann Pin
Plate Implants
Angled Plates
Angled Blades Plates
Condylar Plates
Intertrochanteric Femoral Osteotomies
Jewett Nail Plate
Conventional Plates
Calcaneal Plates
Clavical Plates
Cloverleaf Plates
Cobra Plates
Hook Plates
L - Plates
Lateral Tibial Head Buttress Plate
Mini Straight Plates
Spoon Plates
T - Plates
Dynamic Compression Plates
DCP Plates
LC-DCP Plates
Reconstruction Plates
Special Design Plates
Tubular Plates
Screw Implants
Cancellous Screws
Cannulated Cancellous Screws
Cortical Screws
Interference Screws
Malleolar Screws
Spine Implants
Cervical Implants
Pedicle Screws
PEEK Cages
Spinal Cages
Spine System Instrument Set
Steffee Implants
Staple Implants
Wire Implants
Kirschner Wire
Suture Wire
Threaded Guide Wires
Orthopedic External Fixators
Orthopedic External Fixators
Carbon Fiber External Fixators
Carbon Fiber - Ilizarov
Carbon Fiber Rings
Carbon Fiber Rods
Ilizarov External Fixators
Distractors / Hand Fixators
Ilizarov Exernal Fixators Sets
Ilizarov External Fixators - Adult / Pediatric
Jess External Fixators
Rail & Dynamic External Fixators
Multi-Axis / Hoffman Fixators
Rail & Dynamic External Fixators
Sets for Correction of Deformity / Lengthening / Bone Loss Fixators
Tubular External Fixators
External Fixation Surgical Technique
Tubular External Fixation - Clamps
Tubular External Fixation - Rods
Tubular External Fixation - Sets
Veterinary External Fixators
Fessa Fixation System
Veterinary External Fixation Clamps

Medicine / Drugs / Pharmaceuticals
Arthroscopic Surgical Instruments
Arthroscopic Surgical Instrument
Medical Equipments & Healthcare Products
Medical Equipments & Healthcare Products
Medical Charts & Models
Medical Disposable Products
Medical Equipments
Hospital Furniture
Hospital Furniture