YeePeeDee Production Studio LLC. is a full Production Studio who has worked for CBS, and Channel 30.  Creating TV Commercials for the Red Cross, and are currently working on a TV Show to be featured on the Cartoon Network, and PBS.  Our movie will be featured in AMC and Regal theaters sometime in 2021 or 2022.  We also taught Video Editing, and Production to other TV Producers, as well as Video Games Development, and Animation at several schools, and Universities.

We now Offer Online Production Classes for Children, Teens, and Adults.
For those who are 18 and older who take our paid classes receives a chance to win a paid internship.

We offer the following services:
1) Information ( infomercial ) Videos ( as well as Explanatory Videos).
2) Instructional Videos
3) Animation
4) TV Commercial Production
5) TV Show Production
6) Movie Production
7) Advertisement / Marketing
8) Graphic Design
9) Motion Graphics
10) Voice Over Artists - Actors and Actresses
11) Camera Services
12) Actors and Actresses
13) Script Writing
14) Storyboards
15) Classes for you to learn how to animate, or create your own Video.
16) Musicians
17) We work with Famous Celebrities.
18) Special Effects
19) Presentations
20) and much more...