Joanna IIC is a multi-talented business owner who wears many hats. Jumping into the music industry with both feet in 2007, Ms. Haughton has spent the last few years building a music empire in Pittsburgh. The music industry in Pittsburgh is growing every day with talented artists trying to break out but the city is lacking professional individuals to assist, manage and guide these artists. This has been Joanna's constant goal, after realizing the need was present, Ms. Haughton has attempted to create a 1 Stop Shop for all Independent Artists needs. Currently our company offers the following; a full scale recording studio, Premier Pittsburgh, with Taylor Gang Super producer, Ricky P, Photo and videography, PR thorough RepPittsburghHipHop.com and other blogs/industry connections, representation and full-scale management, branding, EPK construction, website construction, graphic design and so much more. We also assist artists in finding investors to fund their projects. To submit your music for our review please send to our email or fill out a form on our website: RepPittsburghHipHop.com or Joanna@RepPittsburghHipHop.com.