For over 30 years, Exact JobBOSS has helped small to medium manufacturing job shops survive and thrive.  More than 7,000 make-to-order and mixed mode manufacturers have chosen Exact JobBOSS to help them navigate technology changes, economic cycles and competitive pressures.  This year, Exact celebrates the 30th anniversary of Exact JobBOSS as a made-in-America software solution.
Matthew Heerey, General Manager for Exact JobBOSS: “The real story is about our customers across North America - their countless small business success stories of growth and manufacturing excellence.  Our very first customer, Mack Engineering Corp., still uses JobBOSS 30 years later to run their business.  They’ve come to rely on JobBOSS as a tool to help innovate, stay customer-focused, and optimize quality, efficiency and profits”.
Since  1984 Exact JobBOSS continues to power the business for its first customer, Mack Engineering Corporation.
Jackie Salisbury, President/Owner, Mack Engineering, Minneapolis, MN: “Exact JobBOSS detailed job cost and part history reports enable us to analyze performance and profitability job-by-job. And the ability to make changes on the fly allows us to quickly respond to customer needs.”
With all Exact JobBOSS Development, Support and Sales staff headquartered in Minneapolis, ongoing collaboration with Mack Engineering through the local Exact JobBOSS user group continues to inform product development.

Built on 30 years’ experience and for one purpose – to improve manufacturing efficiency and profits, Exact JobBOSS is the software platform that allows manufactures to start small and grow into a full Manufacturing ERP solution as their business evolves.  From automating manual processes to mobile optimization, Exact is the trusted advisor that helps manufacturers navigate technology change and business growth.

Brad Lizen, Owner,  M. Lizen Manufacturing Company: “Customers call and change delivery dates. Priority on a jobs change and JobBOSS adjusts the entire schedule, sometimes several times a day. Our profitability increased 12% last year.”

About Exact.
Exact is your trusted advisor and a leading provider of business solutions for small- to medium-sized (SMB) manufacturing and distribution companies. Since 1984, Exact has been serving SMBs with information technology to launch and grow their businesses. As a global solution provider with more than 1,800 employees worldwide, Exact helps more than 100,000 local and international companies run their business every day. Exact is headquartered in Delft, the Netherlands and has been listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since June 1999. The company’s revenues in 2013 amounted to €213 million. For further information about Exact JobBOSS, visit www.exactamerica.com or jobboss.exactamerica.com/

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