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On JobGet.Net, our goal is to provide an interesting overview of feature articles from various sources as well as original articles, some written by Mike, some written by guest contributors, which focus on jobs, employment, career and resume advice. Forum is ready to go, so feel free to bitch and moan about the job market...maybe even help each other out with tips and suggestions.

As for Mike, he is a IT Manager for a Fortune 100 company managing IT Services for an entire Division, comprised of 14,000 employees...give or take a thousand ;-). He has been in the workforce for many years and has been involved with hiring, firing, layoffs, failures and success. His IT career started in tech support, like many IT professionals, and has moved up the ladder to his current position. He has been in "industry", consulting, front-line commercial and government projects and now in corporate. He has also been laid off...so he knows how it feels ;-). He has also seen others laid off and knows firsthand how damaging it can be to some people while others take it in stride. Goal of JobGet.Net is to provide helpful guidance during this difficult time.

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