About JRBM Software

Our Mission

JRBM Software's mission is to delight our users with powerful, easy to use, and economical software that provides them with real value and a clear advantage over non-users. We are committed to providing the best technology, meticulous technical support, and caring customer service.

About Us

JRBM Software was co-founded by two software industry executives with a combined industry experience of over 50 years that spans design, development, support, operations, sales, marketing and general management. Along the way, they developed a keen eye for what works, what doesn't and, most importantly, what provides real value.

We are confident that you will find JRBM Software to be a unique software company that prides itself on providing high value products at a very low cost.

JRBM Software's flagship software product is Job Hunt Express and you can learn more about it below.

Why Manage Your Job Search When You Can Master It?

Getting the job that you really want is a numbers game:  the more job opportunities that you work on and the more networking contacts that you make, the sooner you will get the job offer that you are looking for.  Job Hunt Express is an easy-to-use software package that will make your hunt for a job more efficient and more effective.

The result?  More job offers.  Better job offers.  Faster job offers.

As a serious job candidate, you now can leverage the latest software technology to get a competitive edge in your job hunt.  Store, organize and act confidently on the significant volume of data that a successful job search entails.  Keep your critical information current and your efforts on target with Job Hunt Express.

The Problem

Professional recruiters and other job search experts all advise that an effective job search has become a numbers game.  The more resumes you send out and the more people that you talk to and network with, the quicker you will find the job that you are seeking.  But this means that the average job candidate now has to juggle dozens or more opportunities that involve hundreds of calls, emails, and other important activities that require precise timing and thoughtful approaches.  But some of your job data is on one website, some on another website, a few are on paper, and some information is just in your head for lack of a better place to store it.  In fact, the music on your MP3 player is probably better organized than your job search data. This lack of organization and resulting lack of focus can delay or even prevent you from getting a good job as quickly as you would like.

The Solution

Bringing the power of sales force automation tools to the job candidate, the Job Hunt Express software system allows job seekers to quickly organize all of their job opportunities, recruiters, networking contacts, and other important data.  All related notes, hiring manager “hot buttons”, documents, and data are easily stored and retrieved for each contact. The system further provides for effective strategic planning, tracking, and follow-up of all job opportunities – much like the more expensive and complex CRM or sales force automation tools used regularly by sales professionals.  Based upon state-of-the-art Microsoft Mobile SQL database and .Net technology, the economical software combines practical functionality and convenience with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface so that any job seeker can benefit from its use.

Job Hunt Express also offers state-of-the-art tools to make job candidates more efficient and more effective in their quest for their next great job.  It provides functionality akin to the software that sales professionals use on a daily basis to maximize their selling results but with a specialized focus on job hunting.  For example, centralization of all data (contact information, notes, hiring “hot buttons”, documents, web links, etc.) related to a job opportunity is an important start to the Job Hunt Express methodology.  Planning a customized strategy for each opportunity and organizing it into a structured calendar of calls, meetings, and other activities is the next important step in the process.  Automatic updating and tracking of the implementation and execution of the strategic plan for each job opportunity is another key component in ensuring that job hunters are putting their best foot forward and not letting any opportunity slip through the cracks.  Job Hunt Express keeps the user’s job search focused and on track until the next job offer is accepted.

Job Hunt Express provides you with everything that you need to ramp up your job search efforts to work more effectively on more opportunities with much less effort and time involved.  Bottomline: get organized, get focused, and get hired.