Job Market Experts helps educational institutions, local county workforce boards, national employers, individuals and governmental agencies solve problems that cause long term unemployment. The firm’s mission is to make job markets more efficient at matching employer needs to the best job seeker talent available.  Job Market Experts has developed unique employment programs that help jobless find employment faster,  compensates them fairly, enables employers to identify the best candidates for their job openings and allows local governments to reap the rewards of higher employment rates.  We are a veteran and woman owned business.

About Job Market Experts
Robert Meier has been a job market expert, educational trainer and workforce system consultant for 20 years.  He founded and built Chicago's largest independently owned employment consulting firm and has developed and instructed dozens of educational career training programs throughout the U.S.  Currently, Meier directs a team of career transition experts who help students and job seekers execute "top candidate" job search preparation in order to quickly transition to full employment.

Meier has taught and published on a wide variety of employment issues.  He is contracted annually by SETA (Southeastern Employment and Training Association) to train executives at 100+ workforce boards and their staff that run 1,200 Career OneStops.  A key focus of his training is how economic development relates to joblessness and long-term unemployment as well as why local economies are revitalized through aggressive re-employment strategies.

Meier has written five employment books, created a "Job In The Box Career Kit" to shorten job searches to 30 days, been published in numerous magazine articles and has appeared many times on television and radio.  Meier worked as a Job Market Expert adviser to government agencies, congress, educational institutions, non-profits, Fortune-500 businesses and national associations.

We have two websites:
Individual Job Seekers - www.jobexperts.org
Government/Education/Workforce - www.jobmarketexperts.org