JobsCentral is one of Singapore’s largest job portals with over 700,000 registered jobseekers. Every month, JobsCentral enjoys 8 million page views, 15,000 new jobseeker signups and processes 150,000 job applications. Our highly popular portal offers a rich array of user-friendly features and content, including special sections on managerial jobs, choice employers, JobsCentral Learning, and a lively user community. In addition, JobsCentral Mobile brings jobs and higher education courses to all iPads, iPhones and Android phones.

Leveraging on its large database of professionals and students, JobsCentral also conduct large-scale surveys about issues such as employment, further education and scholarships. These surveys include:

•     The JobsCentral Survey – Launched in 2009, this survey consists of the JobsCentral Work Happiness Indicator and the JobsCentral Learning Survey. The latter provides an insight into higher education preferences of working adults.
•     The JobsCentral Employers of Choice Survey (University Edition) – Singapore’s largest and most comprehensive survey about the employer and career preferences of entry-level graduates.
•     The BrightSparks Scholarship Rankings & Career Survey – This annual survey provides insight into scholarship, higher education and career preferences of potential scholarship recipients in Singapore.