JOELEEN, was born in the east end of London, and spent most of her teenage years in Swansea (Wales).

At the age of seven Joeleen  started studying Classical Ballet under the ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCING and modern Jazz and while growing up her love for music grew stronger day by day!

At the age of sixteen Joeleen  attended an Audition where she had to Sing, Dance and Act.  Successfully she gained a place at the ITALIA CONTI ACADEMY OF THEATRE ARTS.  She also won a Scholarship which gave her the opportunity to move to London, where the College was situated .  Joeleen  studied Singing, Dancing and Acting at ITALIA CONTI for two years and one year at the LONDON STUDIO ROYAL ACADEMY Of THE ARTS.

While at College Joeleen  had various parts in musical stage shows such as: SHOW BOAT,  The Welcome to Wales Show etc, and various Recording Sessions in Professional Recording Studios.

Then she moved to ITALY and worked as a singer, songwriter for various Recording Studios and Record Companys such as:  DB One music, Disco Più, Five Records etc.  She has been working as a professional singer in a number of various Cover Bands, and has obtained a publishing deal with WARNER CHAPPELL MUSIC for the publishing of some of her songs!

Joeleen   has appeared on Italian National Television as a singer (Vocalist) for Rai 2 Cronaca Italiana.  La vita In Diretta and Rete 4, Ballo Amore e Fantasia.  She has recently been working for the Record Company DEJAVU REC of Paolo Scotti, as a Singer, Backing Vocalist and Songwriter.  She has collaborated with Paolo for the Song  (FLY TO THE MOON)  which was introduced in the year 2003 at the VENICE FILM FESTIVAL!

Joeleen on the 1st of September 2009, featured  along side “PREMIER" Vocalist HOWARD HEWETT (Singer of the mid 70's 80's Legend Group called SHALAMAR!  They are both  Guest's on the  Album of Legendary GUITARIST EDDIE BENITEZ "Visions of Angels" and there will be more surprises along the way!