The joy of movement, the freedom of motion, the lightness of gait. The comfort you can wear on your feet. Jog Dog is an ergonomic shoe brand for vibrant lifestyles. Jog Dog was created for the occasions when fashion casual is in need: strolls with friends along a promenade, games with kids in a park, walking across the forest, climbing snowy mountain slopes, and for country parties with the nearest and dearest. For the moments when we look for a fresh experience without compromising our comfort.
Jog Dog footwear was tested in extreme conditions on steep slopes of ski resorts. The debut Jog Dog collection boots and shoes first appeared in Courchevel, Cortina D’Ampezzo, and other world ski resorts in 2013. Their happy owners were reading on the snow, drinking mulled wine in the open air, and dancing tirelessly after a full day of ski exploits. Jog Dog passed the test with flying colors. This footwear turned out to be a perfect companion to a down jacket: it is equally good for any weather and equally responsive to fashion trends.
Jog Dog used downhill equipment materials for everyday footwear. The sole has its secrets: its anatomic structure and flexibility let your foot move as naturally as if you were walking barefoot; its special structure for even load distribution; its excellent grip due to a special alloy of its components.
The “creed” of the fall-winter collection is breathable membrane textile seals out water and lets moisture escape, protects from a heavy frost and fierce wind, and for all that its characteristics are similar to those of our skin.
In 2014, Jog Dog extended its lineup by including the spring/summer collection thus providing footwear for every situation requiring casual fashion for women, men and children. Jog Dog is still near the ski slope and has a permanent residence now — Jog Dog boots and shoes are now available in Courchevel. However, people wear jog dog footwear not only in the mountains, but also in the city these days; moreover, summer has been added to the brand’s calendar. Leather and suede moccasins for an after party, as well as sneakers made of modern textiles have joined boots and après ski shoes. They make the unpredictable big city life a little less risky, and, therefore, easier and more free. all colors of life are reflected in jog dog shades and prints — from rampant bright colors to classy steel and festive white: designers took good care to provide a broad selection to meet any challenge what the day has in store.
Jog Dog stands for footwear made for those on the move, those who aren’t afraid of new exciting experiences. Those who know the importance of the first step and never lose the ability to embrace the new when they make step 100 000. Life has no space for boredom.

About Jog Dog brand

Time of creation: 2013
Place of production: Italy
Lines: women (boots, shoes, moccasins, sneakers), men (boots, shoes, sneakers), kids (boots, shoes, sneakers, sandals)

Biometex – biological membrane textile, a kind of closed system with absolute water repellency, windproof, with features similar to those of our skin. It allows the shoes to keep heat at temperatures down to -25 сº. Thinsulate insulation – perfect three-layer insulation, “heat pump” which also helps to actively chuck out evaporation. Shock absorber – a special sole structure which dampens shock load and protects the foot from sprains and strains, adding comfort while walking or running.
Flexpoint – a natural foot flexion technology which protects joints and tendons from pain during long walks and other activities.
Natural step system – a natural step system, an anatomic sole structure which evenly distributes tension over the foot and leg joints.
Supergrip – a slip-resistant sole with elastic elements, made of thermoplastic alloys, natural rubber and oil repelling components. it dissipates water on solid surfaces and latches securely like car tyres on soft ones.
Materials – membrane textiles, polypropylene, polyurethane.