When homeowners need help, they turn to Law Office of John M. Ribarich to address the legal situation or threat of foreclosure. Many homes in the San Fernando Valley area were purchased at the top of the market; when it was time to refinance, banks and other lenders refused to assist their client, as they felt that the risk was too high, even though they had enjoyed huge amounts of money from taxpayers in a bank bailout. This situation is frustrating, frightening and dangerous to the individual and their families and they may face foreclosure and don’t know what to do to protect themselves. Working directly with the bank has been impossible; this is when this high quality and dedicated legal team gets into action on their behalf. The foreclosure defense team reviews all loan documents, bank letters and any foreclosure notices as the first step. There is usually a good legal solution that will allow the client to avoid foreclosure resolve the legal threat and destruction of their finances. This firm has extensive experience and is there to assist those in the San Fernando Valley area needing help.

You can visit their new sites at http://www.sanfernandoforeclosuredefense.com and http://www.sanfernandoloanmodifications.com.