The Law Offices of John R. Discavage, P.A. represents clients in Frederick and throughout the State of Maryland.  A criminal allegation is serious whether it is for a misdemeanor or major felony.  A jail sentence, large fines and other penalties and life changing consequences can follow a conviction.  The criminal court system can be intimidating and frightening.  It is important to have the support and aggressive defense provided by the law firm.  Attorney Discavage has been practicing law for over 15 years, and he has prosecuted and defended countless traffic, DUI and other criminal cases during that time.  He has insight into both sides of the law and valuable knowledge of the procedures the prosecution uses to prepare their cases.  As an advisor and educator to local law enforcement agencies, and participation in many educational workshops and seminars, the law office has a strong presence in the community as a reputable firm.  You can learn more about the attorneys and firm at http://www.InjuryLawyer-MD.com.