Your Marketing Matters helps small and medium sized businesses to attract, win and keep more customers, better customers with the least amount of human effort.

It helps the owner managed business to create and implement strategies which are either low-cost or no-cost with tried, tested and PROVEN approaches any business can use.

Being found online and offline is vital, even more so now, than at any other time in the past 10 years. The internet has exploded with opportunities for businesses willing to learn and implement the approaches that work in the real world.

John Sealey founder of Your Marketing Matters, is an international speaker, bestselling author, broadcaster and business transformation specialist. He and his associates help businesses to be found on the internet by their prospective customers and teaches how the business owner can educate their market in such a way... that the market FULLY understands what they do, why that will be important to them... and why the market should choose them over and above anyone else.

Traditional methods of marketing still and will always work. To a greater or lesser degree. But they still work.

A business still needs to create and articulate what makes it different, special or unique. It still has to have a well put together Unique Selling Proposition.

The fundamentals have to be in place and enabled for a business to really compete and thrive. Without these basic but important elements in an enterprise, a business won't be able to leverage the great opportunities which await them in the online world.

Having a strong and robust marketing foundation is crucial. Having that in place and a enterprise leader can really go to town to maximise their online presence.

Positioning oneself... or business... as a customer, client or patients... first and natural choice should be the focus of the business leader.

John Sealey is a leading authority on how to position people as 'Thought Leaders' in their industry. He uses his proprietary materials to assist SME's to do just that.

His marketing methodology gives the small business owner an unfair advantage over their competitors... and as a result positions them as the markets natural choice.

He's a local internet marketing expert and when on stage presenting or delivering keynote speeches he's been called The 'Courageous' Marketeer... a name that has stuck throughout his marketing career. But more importantly... he gets results and demands a return on any investment.

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