In the course of more than 25 years of helping client companies achieve repeatable Moments of Genius, Krubski developed the foundational principles of Thinking Whole and Breaking Genius. He is a prescriptive futurist.

Thinking Whole can be thought of as the Third Way, or System 3, in the context of David Kahneman’s Nobel-winning foundational Behavioral Economics principles – Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow. Thinking Whole is a platform that combines the best of Kahneman’s two decisioning systems but expands their utility into the sphere of applied innovation, creativity, and moments of repeatable genius on demand. Breaking Genius is the process that makes Thinking Whole actionable, practical, teachable and learnable for teams, for organizations, and for every day life.

Krubski has been a Futurist, Innovation Consultant, Marketing and Social Researcher, small business owner, authority on American small business, creator of The Index of What Matters Most (TiMM), creator of the Guardian Life Insurance Index of What Matters Most to America’s Small Business Owners, as well as a Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Sales Development, VP Strategic Planning, Broadcaster, Television Producer – and other various and sundry pursuits. John Krubski has helped some of the smartest people on the planet to think smarter and some of the most creative people to think more creatively.

“For more than 25 years, I have been soliciting clients with a simple, yet challenging, offer: “Put your team in a room with me for one day and I will guarantee that, by the end of that day, they will get to a consensus, a vision, and an action plan. If I fail to deliver, you don’t pay (when was the last time you heard THAT from a consultant?). Either way, your team will learn something new about your business, change their minds about something they believed about the business, and have the most intellectually productive fun they have had since experiencing the best teacher that has ever stretched their thinking. I have never left any money on the table.”

Since 2010, I have engaged in an extensive, multi-disciplinary investigation into how that was possible. The Institute for Applied Decisional Sciences ( www.ad-sci.org )is the result of that investigation – and my way of sharing what I have learned with you – in keynotes, workshops, offsites, certification… and more.

As a result of the rigorous inquiry, I have concluded that what we have here is an algorithm for creative critical thinking – something that corporations and organizations can continue to value and use, but also something that any person – from teenager to senior citizen – can count on to produce elevated creative decisioning, thinking, and personal innovation.