I am the owner of JMMZ Enterprises Ltd and we work with small-medium sized companies using direct response copy writing to make more money without spending large amounts of cash, leveraging the hidden marketing assets that you already have and throwing in a few new ideas if appropriate.

How can we do this? We harness the power within your business and expand on it.

We find your unique selling proposition (U.S.P), identify your ideal customer and market to them using the best medium/s for your market.

As a direct response marketer I understand the #1 key to success for small-medium businesses is having and implementing an effective and efficient marketing plan that’s suitable for your needs and your budget.

To get more information go to http://www.jmmzenterprisesltd.com or call me on (941) 306 3839 or email me at john@jmmzenterprisesltd.com.