Author, musician, and critically acclaimed philosopher douses us with a Second Edition of "The Nature of Mankindë: Volumë 4," here!

If re-defining the music realm were not enough, with his "TFMOM," project, we do not what else to expect.

Able to wow peers, and professors, alike, he is considered one of the top innovators in the world in philosophy.

Having a free and accessible blog, he leaves a little taste of unsystematic philosophy for those wanting to get their philosophical tounges wet with imaginative genius.

The book is a blend Kierkergaardian dialect, and Chomskian, linguistic discursion of humanities issues. Conflicts confronted with love. Mathematical precision, the writing style is clarity and poetic textures worthy of Hegel, simplified, as Lewis.

With an archetypal psychology, Biblical exegesis, criticism of modern Church, the gauntlet is tossed for all to become more loving, and complete within a mission, religion tends to forget, and bind to sadism.

Essays on "Words and Truth," Meta-Modernism, and others are notable favorites of ours.

Hailed as the modern Timothy Keller, we are excited to see what this young man can raise up to!

Email: johnchairston@aol.com

Contact: 8303518423

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