Jonathan LaPoma has written five feature-length screenplays that have won a total of 24 awards/honors from 2013-2014, two novels, hundreds of poems, and about sixty songs. His novel, DEVELOPING MINDS: AN AMERICAN GHOST STORY, and his screenplay, A NOBLE TRUTH, will be published by Laughing Fire Press (www.laughingfire) in early 2015, and his short story, A SACRIFICE TO THE GOD OF THE BLUES, is featured in 34thParallel Magazine's November 2014 issue. Jonathan's screenplays have won 1st place victories in the 2014 Hollywood Screenplay Contest (Grand Jury Prize--best overall of over 1,000 submissions), the 2014 London Film Awards, the 2014 Awareness Film Festival, and the 2014 West Field Screenwriting Awards (The New York Award).
Jonathan's screenplay, DELLWOOD, is ranked 9th in the "Urban" category of MovieBytes.com's "Top 10 Contest Winning Scripts," and his screenplay, THE WAY BACK HOME, is ranked in the top 8% of the almost 2,500 scripts on MovieBytes.

Patricia Chica (CERAMIC TANGO, WOLVERINE HOTEL) is attached to direct Jonathan's screenplay, LA TIERRA QUE YO AMO (LAND THAT I LOVE), co-written by Natalia Porras Sivolobova.