Jonathan Romano A Visionary Web Marketer

With the slow but study decline in newspaper and magazine advertising
businesses are increasingly turning to the internet as a tool for
expanding business. Top of the line, effective On-line and web based
marketing requires specific skills which are not easy to come by.

Jonathan Romano, is a new type of web marketer, an individual who has
mastered the art and science of SEO, Search Engine Optimization and
has the ability to create marketing programs that draw qualified leads
to a website and then get these leads to act.

A recent example of Jon Romano’s work was the marketing of the recent
Learning Annex MoneyFest Expo. Held at the New York Hilton Hotel,
April 25, 2009 MoneyFest.

Among the key speakers were Donald Trump and Suze Orman, the national
financial expert. They were all on hand to help attendees "bring home
the money" in 2009 and Jon Romano was on hand to help Bill Zanker, and
Harry Javer the geniuses behind the expo bring the entire project to
successful fruition.

Jon was able to do this by integrating many different processes for
improving the volume and quality of traffic to the Learning Annex web

Jon Romano is a web-marketer extraordinaire. He has the tools to
organize, categorize and make note of the key information that can
make a website or an entire business project standout from the pack.

He brought his genius to Learning Annex MoneyFest Expo and he can
bring it to your business as well. Bring peak performance to your web
marketing. Bring Jon Romano to guide your web marketing campaign.