Purpose Statement

Business owners and managers have always been challenged with getting their people to make the connection between business decisions and effective delivery of products and services. The larger the required team, the more difficult the management communication and guidance challenges.

Interactive Requirements provides an Internet-based management tool that addresses the communication issues that business decision makers face. It serves small and large decision maker teams. Team members can be in the same room or dispersed around the globe. Interactive Requirements is an easy to use, cost-effective decision support business tool. Jones Logic is dedicated to educating business decision makers and making this tool an integral part of their management arsenal.

Description of the Business

Jones Logic developed Interactive Requirements as an Internet-based business service. It provides local and world wide decision support service to business owners and managers responsible for making and delivering on business decisions. Business decisions are documented, quantified, linked to business rules and requirements, tracked, and reported on a real time basis.

Interactive Requirements provides instant conversion of content descriptive and directional information into any one of more than twenty-two languages. This feature positions our service for immediate expansion into the global marketplace. The languages are:

•     Afrikaans    
•     Arabic    
•     Bosnian    
•     Catalan
•     Chinese    
•     Chinese (Honk Kong S.A.R.)
•     Chinese (Taiwan)    
•     Croatian    
•     Danish    
•     Dutch (Belgian)
•     Dutch (Standard)    
•     English    
•     French    
•     German    
•     Greek    
•     Hebrew    
•     Hungarian    
•     Indonesian    
•     Italian    
•     Japanese    
•     Malaysian
•     Norwegian (Bokmal)    
•     Polish    
•     Portuguese
•     Romanian    
•     Slovak    
•     Spanish
•     Swedish    
•     Thai    
•     Turkish    
•     Urdu