The Jordan Law Firm can help you with your legal issues. If you were charged with a crime, need help opening a new business, are contemplating a divorce, or are facing a ethics violation at school, we are here to help.

The attorneys of Jordan Law are client focused first. No matter what your issue, we are here to explain the legal angle and walk you through the matter from beginning to end. We have the trial experience and an understanding of the law you can rely on in your time of need.

When Jordan and Heather began the firm, their goal was to a place where Florida residents could go when they needed legal help. Their desire was to provide a professional and effective solution with highly personalized service. Their dedication to promoting and protecting their clients’ interest, while providing prompt and effective legal counsel has served them and the community well.

With a focus on results and positive outcomes, the attorneys of Jordan Law provide a cost-conscious approach to resolving their legal problems tailored to their personal and professional needs. To that end, they can offer flexible payment options and a free consultation at the outset of a case.