SID platform and the SID APPs for iOS and Android are available in commercial version to end-users since early February 2018. Also, a 3rd party major brand endorsed our technology, as its readiness to scale by releasing
commercially also a SID technology SDK inside the APP of a franchise of DunkinĀ“ Donuts Spain covering the, called DunkinĀ“ Coffee.

The SID App for Android smartphones offers Users the possibility to access crowd-sourced internet from nearby SID smartphone users and from WIFIs on
the SID platform. The WIFIs are in fact passwords entered by the SID users themselves such that if users add a new WIFI to our platform, then ALL other SID users automatically can connect to that WIFI without ever knowing the password, as those are used in an encrypted manner and entered by SID
app directly in the smartphone.

SID technology is based on a US patent granted  proprietary technology.

As SID internet sharing technology is intended to help social inclusion by provisioning of sharing internet access the logic next set is provide also financial inclusion through affordable online digital banking through the trade name LDJ Digital.