Are you looking to mill your own flour? Want to start eating healthier? Or maybe you're looking for wheat, barley or lentils for that new recipe you've been wanting to try? Well, if you're looking for all natural whole grains and lentils, you've come to the right place! Welcome to Joseph's Grainery, where you'll find all the barley, lentils, hard red and soft white wheat you'll ever need.

Why use whole grains and lentils from Joseph's Grainery? Whether you're milling, stockpiling or cooking with our grains and lentils, you'll be glad to know that the grains you buy from us are not genetically engineered or treated with pesticides.

Cooking and milling whole grains and lentils provide a healthier alternative to processed food. Our grains and lentils are shipped to you directly from the farm. No middlemen, no processing and no additives or preservatives. That means our grains and lentils are healthier for you and often cost less than processed foods. For example, our Soft White Wheat cooked and paired with honey or brown sugar is not only healthier, but also more wallet friendly per pound when compared with popular boxed cereals found in grocery stores.