JumpStart Toys, LLC was founded first and foremost on a passion for children and a belief that a child's play time is critically important for learning and development. Through our online toy store, www.jumpstarttoys.com, customers can find high-quality kid's learning toys and educational games that entertain and promote academic achievement and development while providing parents with good value for their money. Many award-winning and best-selling baby, toddler and preschool toys, learning games, hand and finger puppets, stuffed animals, and science kits for kids are carried from well-recognized brands.  The company is committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Our company is based on these guiding principles:

We choose our kids learning toys and educational games carefully, from leading brands, and we focus on open-ended toys that promote language and creativity, pretend play and dress-up, fine motor skills, large motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills, auditory skills, imagination, life skills, prepare kids academically or are toys and games that we believe promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our customers appreciate being offered toys not frequently found in large, chain toy stores and shop with us for developmental toys with added educational or life skill value that are also entertaining. Therefore, we do not generally offer licensed characters or toys and games easily found in the large chain stores. Instead, we focus on learning toys and educational games for children.

We provide tips, toddler and preschool activities and extension ideas in our product descriptions to make researching kid's toys and games and shopping easy, convenient, and to provide additional value to our customers.

We approach each customer with a holistic view of what is best for the child. Customer service is important, and we work hard to ensure customers are 100 percent satisfied.

We carry only high-quality, well-recognized brands to ensure our products will be enjoyed for a long time and customers get value for their dollars spent.

We understand that some children have special needs and benefit from learning toys and educational games that support learning differently while entertaining them. If you need suggestions or additional assistance, we are committed to working with you to find the toys and games that, together, we believe would best benefit your child.

Safety is our highest priority. We encourage all adults to closely supervise children and to be certain all packaging is removed.  If you believe a toy or game is not safe, please contact us immediately as well as the toy manufacturer. Report it to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission at www.cpsc.gov.

Shop by age, brand, category of learning toy or educational game, or by the skill to be enhanced.  It's easy and we're always ready to help!