We the People of the United States (as "Inhabitants" of the City of Dayton, Ohio)... have more than a "dream" on this national holiday for Martin Luther King Jr., we have "expectations" of all Ohio and Federal elected and appointed government representatives to follow the U.S. Constitution rules of law, and State of Ohio Constitution rules of law, for service to their constituents, public safety, protection of inalienable rights, and great general interest to be shared around the world.  Could It be that simple?

Specifically, we have "expectations" of our elected and appointed government representatives to "support and affirm" the constitutional rule of law and right in action; to a "trial by jury" action, upon a timely made "jury demand" in our American courts of law for proper legal remedies of relief to the parties.

The Constitution of the United States upholds and preserves 227+ years of legal action, and cause of action, to a "jury in civil cases", as the legal standard of constitutional law.  (See: US Constitution; Bill of Rights; Seventh Amendment (Jury in civil cases) and Fourteenth Amendment (Due Process), and further protected with FRCP 81:b,c,d Cases Removed / with a "jury demand" made in the State court), the highest and most straightforward of constitutional rules of law for all American Citizens.  For reference, see any Eighth Grade American history book or Civics class for documentation and expressed support of the Constitution of the United States.  

This is “elementary law”, the rule of law to be followed by all American citizens.  A valuable "right in action" representing "legal protection" in a court of law for all American citizens of the United States, and further reaching to show exemplary law around the world.  

Our mission is dedicated to the support and affirmation of the American citizens' "inviolate" and "preserved" right in action to a "jury demand", in all American state and federal courts of law, so as to properly find and determine all genuine legal issues of disputed material facts for a jury to decide, not determined by administrative bench judge(s) with their own agenda(s).

Our community service will only be possible when we have come together and promote the rule of law.  We ask for your community support via intervention through your press/media applications to educate your audience for action, and prevent further acts of perverted justice.  Perverted justice in Dayton, Ohio, alleging; fraud on the court with the insurance company (Assurant), along with the officers of the state and federal courts, along with additional Ohio and Federal elected and appointed government representatives, who are knowingly and willfully attempting to pervert justice, and illegally "terminate" this valuable American right in action to a “trial by jury” action in our State of Ohio and United States courtroom(s) of law.

In result; this perverted justice will "destroy" the Peoples’ confidence in the judicial system, and further burden the livelihood of legal parties and their attorneys.  Not on our watch!

Please see details at "Operation Constitution Rescue"  
(See: 20 years of INSURANCE  COMPANY FRAUD and grossly perverted injustice and 16 years of FRAUD ON THE COURT in our American courtrooms of law in Dayton, Ohio,  Columbus, Ohio  and Washington D.C,.

Our mission is to uphold the rule of law for all American citizens in our American courtrooms of law.    See: ~ www.constitutionrescue.org  ~ Fraud on the court, and  www.badfaith.info ~ insurance company fraud and theft )

We are now working together for protecting substantive procedure of law and fundamental substantial rights in action, and to promote due process of law to a jury demand for a trial by jury action, as made in any/all American courts of law.

Help Save Your Flag of the United States of America, and what it represents in all American courtrooms of law. Civil and social protection of American citizens "inalienable rights", and future deterrent for preventing  illegal defense schemes against the American taxpayers of the courts.  

Thank you for your interest in our inquiry submitted to you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon for your involvement and protection of the America, and her citizens future well-being.
Please feel free to email us if you have any questions on our critical mission.


Operation Constitution Rescue
www.badfaith.info ;;