Just Fearless LLC is a multi-media company founded by Kisha Mays. Just Fearless was founded with the mission to provide entrepreneurial & networking opportunities for women from all diverse backgrounds via multiple media platforms.

Our dedication is to inspire women to live with purpose and approach life and their business fearlessly. That is not to say you will never have fear, it just means you work through it. That is the foundation of our company. Our goal is to make sure they acquire the knowledge, tools, and motivation they need on the journey to realizing their dreams and expanding their business globally.

Just Fearless is not only about empowerment, but also about giving back. We believe that you should help people along the way. This is why we make it a point to “Pay It Forward.” Teaming up with nonprofit organization who share our beliefs. When we host events we give a portion of our profits or in-kind support to local partner organizations regularly.

The Just Fearless woman cares about her self, her business, her community, her family, her dreams, and her future. Our programs and partnerships ensure she is inspired to continue the challenging yet rewarding journey ahead of her.

Jessica Moore is the Media Contact for this company. Please email her for all media inquires at pr@justfearless.com