K38® Water Safety - Shawn Alladio K38 Lead Instructor trains the next generation of water rescue specialists: K38 Water Safety Provides: Safety, Education, Enforcement of boating and water safety standards for Personal Water Craft (PWC), for occupational use: Rescue Water Craft (RWC).

Creative and strategic innovator, solving unique problems associated with educational standards, professional development for water safety and rescue applications of a Rescue Water Craft (RWC). Through leadership and instruction a continual curiosity to improve, learn and inspire our next generation to strive for the horizon and beyond.

Specialties: Water Safety management, customized training, water rescue equipment design, expert instruction and program management for training, vast experience globally in ocean event safety and film industry water safety support


Education is the doorway to our soul’s code of effort, expertise and desire. If you want it, you have to earn it. You decide your results, your impact and your intentions; you are responsible for your choices and attitudes. Your selection bears a price, choose wisely. It is an earned effort, not a gifted one, you must come prepared for training, realistic in your capabilities and a willingness to learn and expand your abilities and teamwork effect. You give yourself permission to clear the path, open the door, and enter into the great big blue of wonder, your creative spirit deserves to be challenged, freed and explored. Look at your past, but do not stare for what lies ahead is the greater good of your life’s work, just ask for it, then get at it. Don’t stop moving, never stop moving.

-Shawn Alladio

Honors and Awards

1997 National Safe Boating Council - 'Partnership Award'
1999 National Water Safety Congress - 'National Award'
2005 National Water Safety Congress - 'Regional Award'
2005 Higgins and Langley Memorial Award for Flood and Swiftwater Rescue - 'Commendation Medal'
2006 IJSBA- Inaugural 'Hall of Fame' Inductee
2009 'PWC Community Award for Valor'
2009 'Warrior Award' from PWCoffshore.com
2009 'Certificate of Heroism' Award- City of Mission Viejo Commendation
2009 Orange County Fire Authority Certificate of Heroism 'Chiefs Award'
2009 National Water Safety Congress Regional Award
2009 AWA and Parade of Nations - 'Safety Award'
2010 United Warrior Survivor Foundation-K38 With sincere gratitude and appreciation for supporting Special Operations Survivors. September 11, 2010 Annual Survivors Conference, San Diego CA
2011 National Safe Boating Council induction into the Boating Safety Hall of Fame