The concept of K9 Fit Club is at an all time high, with innovation driven by our mission to work out with our best friends. We are the nation’s leader in human and canine fitness, and with our proprietary programs you will be able to offer your clients the best of both worlds, making it possible for people to work out with their dogs.
Our multiple revenue stream models include many opportunities for a wide range of demographics, targeting the entire spectrum of fitness, from children through boomers to special needs and customized programs. The business focuses on assessment, evaluation, individualized training and group training classes for both parents and their pooch.
K9 Fit Club provides a comprehensive training program for it’s franchisees and offers 24/7 support. Some of our proprietary programs include:
Begging for Beginner – An Intro to K9 Fit Club
Bow Wow Boot Camp ™
Sit and Be Fit ™
Bark & Burn
Waggin’ Wheel Chair™
Young Pups