As a brand champion, we act as a well-connected extension of your PR or marketing team. Our mission is to identify the very women you must positively impact, and influence to build trust for your product or service. From sponsored live, face-to-face events to on-line conversations via webinars and blogs, we create a customized approach with our women-to-women network.

We’re on the pulse of what matters most to women because we are creating the pulse through our on-line network every day. As our Women’s Health Conversation Network evolves, so do your opportunities to build influence. From living with breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, urinary incontinence to sexual health and the queen of all topics: making healthy lifestyle changes. We work across the lifestages but are especially steeped in midlife issues.

If your marketing goal is to build your women’s health brand, we can help you achieve success with our social networking community and campaign building programs. Our approach is flexible and strategic, and we offer both coaching as well as consultative services with execution and implementation capabilities.

Our partners include technology partners who are committed to our mission: Engaging women with your brand so it’s The Brand She Can Trust.