KDI, Is Much, Much More Than Just A School of Ministry or A Traditional Bible College, but is a "21st Century Bible College on Steroids" and their Accredited 21st Century Curriculum, is guaranteed to help the Body of Christ achieve real financial, personal and social success in a revolutionary way that has never been done before, that will give you dual influence both with the Church (Christian circles) and in Corporate America (Marketplace) teaching you not to just be a minister, but also an Expert, and earning a High Six Figure Income Annually.

KDI, is Dedicated To Equipping You To Bridge the Gap Between the Church and World Missions and Taking Back America Through the Marketplace.

Dr. Ponder believes and teaches that being both in business and in ministry successfully at the same time, is actually called "Living In the Kingdom Of God, Through the Royal Priesthood.


   -Start or Add a School of Business or Marketplace Ministry To Your Existing Church or Bible College!
   -Attract More New Members!
   -Increase Your Donations!
   -Certify Your Small Group Leaders!
   -Accredited Curriculum for Small Groups!
   -Tap Into the 5 People Groups that Are Just Sitting Idle in the Pews of Your Church!

Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Women, Business Owners & Professionals

   -Unlock A Better Future!
   -Shorten Your Learning Curve by 10-15 Years!
   -Increase Your Annual Income to $150K - $250K!
   -Become A Certified Expert With A Professional Designation!
   -Help You Establish A Generational Legacy!
   -Give You Dual Influence!
   -Start A New Career, Business or Ministry That Is Profitable!