The National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE), is a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), whose goal is to strengthen and expand peer education as a means for behaviour change particularly in the prevention and mitigation of the effects of HIV and AIDS.

Our Role & Mandate

We provide a range of professional services and technical assistance to companies, NGO’s and other organizations who endeavour to establish and manage comprehensive HIV and AIDS programs, including peer education. Our mandate is:

To provide quality services to institutionalize HIV/AIDS programs including Peer Education in workplaces, NGO’s and community based organizations.
• To organize forums to facilitate the exchange of best practices among different organizations and Peer Educator’s groups.

NOPE’s Goal

Our goal is the institutionalization of peer-centred health and social programs in workplaces, NGOs and community-based organizations. NOPE builds capacity of organizations and communities to manage and sustain peer-centred programs that address health and social needs while ensuring that both stakeholders and employees are satisfied.

“To be a recognized leader in the provision and promotion of quality peer-centred services for healthier and productive communities”

“To build capacity of organizations and communities to manage and sustain peer-centred programs that address health and social needs”


The rapid spread of HIV and AIDS has had an adverse impact not only on families but also on the operations of many companies and employee households in Kenya. Most companies in Kenya have experienced increased costs of production, reduced profits, and greater difficulty delivering products and services. Employees experience long periods of absenteeism, extensive out-of-pocket expenses for medical care, and the trauma of caring for family and friends who are ill with HIV or AIDS.

Workplace Programs

NOPE’s major area of expertise is workplace HIV and AIDS and employee wellness programming. To date NOPE has provided technical assistance to over 200 organizations. The services include: Management sensitization and policy advocacy; Workplace HIV/AIDS/wellness policy development and dissemination; Conducting institutional capacity needs assessment surveys, baseline/evaluative KAPB surveys; Capacity building in comprehensive HIV/AIDS workplace project design, management, monitoring and evaluation; Development of innovative Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) strategies; and training of focal persons, steering committees, peer educators and trainers.


NOPE draws a wealth of expertise from leading organizations within and outside the different strategic partnerships. In addition, key personnel in NOPE have a wide experience in workplace HIV/AIDS programs, training of peer educators and trainers, counselling psychology, Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) and the management of reproductive health, HIV and AIDS programs. In order to meet the growing demand for training services NOPE has a resource pool of more than 20 trainers.