K.F. Dischley Group, Inc is committed to ongoing developments in the field of high-end Television production, public relations and publicity, major motion pictures, product placement, and brand building. From concept to completion K.F. Dischley, Group, Inc offers services at all stages of filmmaking, development, advertising and Television production.
Company History.
K.F. Dischley, Group. Inc (KFD The Company), was founded in the year 2007, by a group of experienced producers with a focus on different areas of motion picture production i.e. production, and financing, with direct involvement in specific areas of the Motion Picture production industry. Television production, and product placement was its primary purpose. KFD has created subdivisions within its organization that focus and maximize the challenging aspects of key areas of production and distribution. Due to the experience of the members of the group, KFD has acquired strategic alliances in print, media, Television, radio, and the internet.
K.F. Dischley, Group, Inc.
The operations consist of the development, production, and distribution of motion pictures in North America and International markets and territories. KFD will self-distribute its movies through its in-house sales agents, together with productions and acquisitions of other films projects in the US, but will license the rights to its films in Canada and the International territories, pursuant to the company’s business strategy. K.F. Dischley, Group is a company that gives you, the client individual attention. We put your company and product or service, right in the heart of the process by customizing creative marketing solutions to best suit your company's needs, thus streamlining the communication process for a unique flow of information and ideas. We are able to give our clients the most competitive value for their money.
KFD Company’s Viewpoint.
K.F. Dischley, Group's Management believes it is important to understand the company and its potential in order to make a sound decision. K.F. Dischley, Group has prepared all of this information on this website for your edification, and look forward to conversations regarding the company services, and how we can best help your company. With the right blend of people KFD has been, and will continue to be successful in the multi-billion dollar Motion Picture Entertainment Industry. Go to imdb.com for more company info and staff credits click "GO KFD"
Ron R Chevalier