My Hollywood pitch is this: Last Comic Standing and @Midnight have a baby and that’s Comics Watching Comics. The idea is I’m trying to get intermediate comics a shot of breaking through to the next level. In NYC, there’s probably ~40 club spots a night and ~2000 comics. A lot of solid comics aren’t getting the chances they deserve so I came up with the show. So I taped nearly 50 intermediate comics on a Saturday afternoon at NY Comedy club and they did their best 5 minutes.The winning comics then gets a spot at a top club in the city. I haven’t locked one down yet but I’m thinking Gotham, Comedy Cellar, or the Stand.

I’d love to have a show where all of the winners appear on special showcase at the end of the year as well as take the winners on a nationwide tour like American Idol or Last Comics Standing does. The @Midnight comparison comes in because the home audience gets to play along. They will go on twitter to @comicswatching and then hashtag their favorite panelist. The winning panelist gets to come back to the next week’s show.

I invited 3 comics per show to be panelists that I find funny as well who have had some notable exposure to come to my house to watch the footage of the comics. They have appeared on Last Comic Standing, Fox Red Eye, Conan, America’s Got Talent, as well have done USO shows.

I’m also having Jeffrey Gurian on the show as the “master panelist” on every show. He’ll be the guy who gives the panel their thumbs up or down on our choice of the winning comedian. Jeffery has been in comedy well over 30 years. He’s a regular on Sirius XM and has appeared on the Kroll show.  Jeffrey also wrote a book about the history of the famous NYC club, “Comic Strip Live.” So having his name attached to the project lends instant credibility.

I'm looking for a production company to film the rest of the episodes.  I'm also looking for representation along with a TV network or internet channel where I can broadcast the show.

Episode 1 will debut on 4/6/16 on www.comicswatchingcomics and on youtube under the "comics watching comics" channel.