KG Group business portfolios
The KG Group consists of grain and poultry business portfolios. The Group is a company that processes agricultural products and focuses its activities on the manufacturing of products with added value, export growth and consumer needs, which are satisfied by integrating its activities. The goal of the company is to fulfil its suppliers' and partners' objectives by being an innovator who offers new solutions that not only help to address current, but also future issues. The Group of companies seeks to maintain an efficient integration of their activities, retain the leadership position in the production area and gain the trust of its customers both in the Lithuanian and foreign markets.
Grain business portfolio, types of business developed by AB Kauno Grudai:
•     Flour and flour products business
•     Instant noodle business
•     Crop production business
•     Combined fodder and premixes business
•     Pet products business
•     Veterinary pharmacy business
•     Raw materials trading business
•     Subsidiary companies
Poultry farming business portfolio
•     Fresh meat
•     Meat preparations and products
•     Animal by-products
•     Company owned retail businesses (network of retail stores)
•     Subsidiary companies
The KG Group has production divisions all over Lithuania and in foreign countries. The name of Lithuania and the company has been made famous in international exhibitions through collaboration with foreign companies and by selling its production to faraway lands.