[Edmonton, Alberta. 2018-11-15]

K.H.C.M. - Kitchen Hood Cleaning and Maintenance, a sister company to The Capital Group is opening its doors in Edmonton, Alberta. Focused on providing Alberta’s best specialty cleaning solutions, The Capital Group has professional service technicians, quality equipment and big-company service standards with a local focus. K.H.C.M. is now in the Edmonton kitchen hood cleaning and maintenance market to reclaim a long stretch of incorrectly cleaned fire containment systems.

Since 2012, +8,000 fires and over $200 million dollars in property damage is caused by incorrectly maintained kitchen exhaust systems across North America.  

As part of The Capital Group, K.H.C.M. will bring a fresh new name to the kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning market. All too often kitchen hood exhausts are left neglected, allowing for the build up of high density grease. In the mission to cut costs and reduce overhead, restaurants sometimes neglect the heart of their operation or choose to have their exhaust system cleaned by the lowest cost contractor who often only cleans the visible parts of the system, leaving flammable grease in hard to reach ducting and vents. The first line of defence against a kitchen fire is a clean hood, exhaust system and fire suppression apparatus. When all three of these components are maintained properly, large kitchen fires can result in a small amount of restoration down time when compared to the same fire in a neglected system. The team at K.H.C.M. looks forward to working with local restaurateurs, food trucks, and property managers to provide first-class kitchen hood cleaning services in Edmonton.  

As part of The Capital Group, K.H.C.M. will provide:
Kitchen Hood/Exhaust Cleaning and Maintenance
Kitchen Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance (Suction Services Included)
Mobile Pressure Washing (Fleet, Industrial, Commercial)
Commercial and Industrial Window Cleaning (Working At Height Solutions Included)
Full-Service Parking Lot Maintenance Services

K.H.C.M. is a Kitchen Hood Cleaning & Maintenance Company.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Sarah Phelps (Sr. Accounts Manager) at 780-907-5020, or email aem@capitalpowerclean.ca.