King Manichini produces luxury mannequins and busts made by hand entirely in Italy. The company is specialized in abstract mannequins, luxury bust forms, as well as an impressive collection of unique bases for both mannequins and busts. All mannequins, busts, bases, and furnishings are designed by King owner Alain Leporati. With over 20 years of experience the company  is best known for its superior quality, special-blended paints, use of leather,and of course for the highly aesthetic  full body look of its mannequins with their excellent fit.  King collections are the maximum expression of luxury and exclusivity with Italian design, craftsmanship, and the most prestigious materials as the key elements for success. King is located in Carpi, Modena. Carpi is known for the high fashion knitwear industry and Modena for its Italian exotic sports car manufacturers. The historical presence of these companies has lent itself to a high concentration of specialized artisans and the most advanced technological processes in various fields such as paints and paint technologies, leatherworks, metalworks, composite materials, etc. which are all essential to King's production. The company's design is fashion-forward and has differentiated itself in every way in respect to the typical types of low-quality mannequins flooding the market over recent years.  King Manichini has chosen to maintain a high quality standard by avoiding the industrialization of its production while still guaranteeing excellent production capacity and scheduling.