KRP Law, LLC represents criminal defendants in Salem, Massachusetts.  If one has is under investigation for suspected criminal activity or arrested for a crime, the prospect of spending time in jail can be frightening and the courts intimidating.  Facing criminal charges is serious and the penalties for a guilty verdict can be harsh.  From the beginning of a criminal case, it is important to have support from an experienced defense attorney who can fight for the rights of the defendant at each step both inside and outside the courtroom.  Attorney Kevin Pendergrast has an interesting background working as a former prosecutor in Essex County and having served as a police officer for the City of Dover, New Hampshire.  The valuable trial experience he gained and knowledge of police training allows him a unique perspective when defending cases.  He has a distinct advantage when challenging the evidence brought by prosecution against his client.  You can learn more at http://www.SalemCriminalDefenseAttorney.com.