Dartford, Kent  21st December 2013  - KUNTOO is joining forces with WELLMAN Photography to bring fans and followers the quintessential photography experience.

KUNTOO moves to the next level of The Photo Sharing Experience by partnering with WELLMAN Photography, an Internationally publishedPhotography company based in Brentwood, Essex County, England.

Why this partnership?

According to Kuntoo founder Godfried Williams, this partnership is designed to bring the very best photo sharing experience to our fans and users by representing the highest quality of photography.

About WELLMAN Photography

Wellman Photography is a household name for exquisite and quintessential imagery. The company's Client base includes prestigious brands such as Penguin Books, Ford, Porsche, SKY TV, BBC Television, SABC Television, ITV-2, Anglo Gold, Vismedia, Miss Universe UK, The England Cricket Team, The Rugby World Cup and The Football World Cup.

The company is most proud of its sponsorship for The Beds of Hope foundation in Africa. They provide hospital beds for children in less privileged areas of Southern Africa.
The company is led by Hennie Wellman founder and chairman. Please visit www.wellmanphotography.co.uk for more information contact about the company and lead executives or contact us on http://www.wellmanphotography.co.uk/contact_us.html

About Kuntoo Ltd

Kuntoo Limited is a UK based start-up company located in Dartford, Kent. Kuntoo’s maiden social media site KUNTOO.COM, shares unique photo scenery for nature, architecture, sculptor, fine arts, fashion and culture around the world, which includes editorial and discussions based on the photos. It is not therefore just a list of photos, but a social networking interface around the photos. The service is free to browse but to upload your own photos you need to register first as a member. It enables users to share images of landscapes, natural views and manmade tourist, holiday attractions and fashion across different cultural settings. It also serves as a guide to tourists and provides a virtual experience of great places around the world. Please visit http://www.kuntoo.com/about for more information or contact us at info@kuntoo.com

Enjoy photography and the world at a glance.                                    

Vanessa Jensen
On behalf of the Executive Team
Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom

Hennie Wellman
Chief Executive Officer
On behalf of Executive Team  
WELLMAN Photography
Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom