Kajamaz adult footed pajamas are a luxury brand of adult pajamas. What is different about Kajamaz from other footed pajamas?

First, Kajamaz are now available as footed or non-footed pajamas, giving you more options to choose from.

Second, unlike most pajamas, Kajamaz were made by hand in Europe, not mass produced in China.

Third, Kajamaz features the best zips on the market, made by YKK.

Fourth, Kajamaz have a uniquely designed drop seat. What is a drop seat? An opening in the back that allows the wearer to use the toilet without taking off the pajamas. But Kajamaz is designed to be discrete, only you will know that it is there.

Fifth, Kajamaz is available in 100% cotton flannel or luxurious fleece.

Sixth, Kajamaz can be coordinated with fun fashion accessories: Mug Jamz, pajamas for your coffee cup, or Dog Scarfz, a matching scarf for your pup.

Kajamaz can be purchased from the Kajamaz.com website or from Amazon's European websites.

Kajamaz: Have Fun, Stay Warm, Sleep Better