Dialogs has the web development tools you need.

Where do you turn when you realize your next website project includes hundreds of pages of content, includes an online catalog with ecommerce, needs to accommodate private users in several locations, and is required to be section 508 compliant for visually impaired viewers?

The solution is Dialogs.

Here’s the good news: Dialogs is cost effective enough to be the solution even if the project is a simple online brochure.

Dialogs is ready to jumpstart all aspects of web development. Dialogs includes:
- a robust content management system
- unrivaled design accuracy
- SEO tools
- connectivity to popular social networking resources
- a web 2.0 approach to content delivery
- easy integration with Flash and other rich media content
- ecommerce tools and functionality
- global accessibility features
- data application flexibility
- technical documentation built into each site
- security safeguards
- access to Dialogs Professional Services.

All these great features are included. Even if your project only needs a few of these features today, they are in place for future growth.

Kaleidoscope, the publisher of Dialogs.

Dialogs is published by Kaleidoscope Information Services, Inc. Kaleidoscope has helped companies turn internet technology into measurable profits since 1995. Let’s put that in perspective: our experience in web development dates back to the time before Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer were first released, when the only popular web browser was Mosaic.

Our skills and experience were forged in real-time as the web evolved into the set of technologies we now know. This depth of experience gives us an understanding and insight of how the web can be put to work for business that cannot be matched by a few years toying with the web or by Googling for scripts to solve a problem.
Dialogs Professional Services.

Kaleidoscope is more than a software publisher. We also provide technical expertise and personnel to any interactive team that chooses to develop in Dialogs. This makes Dialogs a stronger business decision than open source solutions that have no company to back up the software.

We provide technical expertise to help agencies land interactive business, plan website projects through our time-proven process, consult with designers about the flexibility and freedom of Dialogs as well as web best practices, and implement websites. We fill in the gaps in capabilities for our agency partners. Kaleidoscope brings rich technology resources to all stages of web development.