Kalifilm Productions is a fresh and exciting video production company, based in London, covering everything from wedding and event videography to commercials to music and fashion videos to showreels, movies and video art.

Our culturally diverse team of young, talented, awarding winning video production experts are highly educated at academic level, proficient in several languages (including English, Italian, Russian, French and Polish), and willing to work almost anywhere to meet the challenges of today's global market.

Equipped with state of the art Canon digital SLR cameras and the latest in Apple's range of Final Cut Pro editing systems, we have all the tools necessary to create fantastic-looking high-definition video. Our background in independent filmmaking means we're adept at maximising production value and finding new and creative ways to bring a more artistic, cinematic look to our work, guaranteeing impeccable results all of the time, no matter your budget.

Then, when your finished video has been delivered, we will continue to promote it through all of our various social networking outlets: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. ensuring not only do you get a great-looking video, but that it's seen by the right people, attracting as many potential customers to your business as possible.