Kallos Solutions, has been providing Enterprise Software products and solutions to Medium and Small businesses around the world since 2003. Its solutions are delivered around its own range of enterprise software products. The KServe™ Enterprise software range currently consists of

· KServeHRMS (www.KServeHRMS.com)
· KServeERP (www.KServeERP.com)
· KPRAD (Internal Rapid application development and Cloud deployment platform)

Kallos Solutions (www.KallosSolutions.com) is the organization that delivers these products and adapts and implements the solution for customer specific needs. Over 180 solutions have been successfully delivered to customers in worldwide during the past decade.

Kallos differentiates its solutions in the marketplace by clearly separating the generic/common business processes and the unique processes in organizations. For the generic areas, like Accounting and HR, it powerful leverages the backbone KServeERP and KServeHRMS products, where the customer can directly adopt the best practices and functionality in these products, since they are generic and common across most organizations. For unique industry and company specific processes, it recommends leveraging platform based solutions where the unique process can be rapidly built using its specification, process modeling and rapid application development tools. With this approach the overall solution is significantly better optimized from the perspective of operational efficiency, business relevance, speed, quality and affordability.