This site has been created with the intention of providing visitors with hopefully useful information and some photos on the various places of interest that we have visited over the years.

It is continually being expanded with its main focus being on our backpacking trips and general places of interest. Some of these places have been to remote areas in South Africa and Namibia on which very little other information and photos is generally available.

Each page contains the date that we had visited the location. This is intended to give some indication of its current validity as places do change over time. The short reports presented here are how we experienced the place. That includes the good and the bad!

Some more well known places may have a website of their own, in which case we have included their link that you may follow for more information.

The trail section covers day hikes as well as multi-day backpacking trails in South Africa and Namibia.

The overnight trails either have a hut, cave or shelter that hikers may use, although on some trails it is necessary to carry ones own tent along. Facilities on overnight trails vary from very basic to more luxurious, but the booking agent will give you all the details. The trails vary in difficulty from "easy" through to "moderate" and "strenous". An example of a "strenous" hike is the Naukluft hike in Namibia. Due to season/weather conditions, hikes may look different at various times of the year.

Over the years we have toured South Africa and Namibia quite extensively and come across some really interesting places.

On many of these places there is just no information or just a passing mention is made in travel guides and brochures. Others of the more well known variety, may have their own websites, the links to which we have also included.

These places of interest may include anything from small villages, to museums, interesting areas of natural scenery or even great camping spots. Any place is fair game!