Attention Women in Business and Women Around The World: Unleash Your Full Power!

You’ve heard of the book, “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, right?  Well, how about taking the art of influence and persuasion and refining it “for women only”…
… and then taking that power and multiplying 3x!

The time to exercise your influence is now.  Discover successful women’s leadership secrets from the “Female Dale Carnegie.”

Learn how to win at influence in order to win at life.

To all my female friends,

Whether you’re the matriarch of your home or the nucleus of your office … women posses many innate skills that guarantee excellence in everything they do.  But oftentimes we second guess ourselves in decisions losing the leadership qualities that take our lives – personal or professional – to levels beyond our imagination!

Influence is not a mystery.  Learning (and knowing) how to influence a situation … a person … a decision … an outcome … or yourself … is a skill that can be mastered, but first requires cultivation.  For the last twenty years I’ve personally used influence skills.  I’ve taught it. I’ve refined it. And I capitalized on its proven power for my own success in career, education, and home.  My clients; business owners, C-level executives, and entrepreneurs  are especially grateful for the insight I’ve gained as it helped them in an ever changing culture that hinges on strategic leadership and decision making capabilities.

I’ve Cracked the “Influence Code”  And You Can Too!

My name is Karen Keller, Ph.D., and I specialize in women’s leadership and I’m an expert in persuasion, influence, assertiveness and empowerment.  For over 20 years  – as a psychologist,  executive coach, and business woman – I’ve helped people get ahead with one powerful, secret tool … the driving force behind top CEO’s and some of the World’s most prominent figures:  Influence.

The power of influence cannot be underestimated.  Influence has been the foremost key to success in  my educational endeavors as well as growing my coaching/consulting business, authoring books, speaking to thousands of people, and raising my family.

Influence has become part of my sheer essence … almost as much as the air I breathe.

I’ve coached Fortune 500 executives to transform their careers physiologically (where they not only enjoyed what they did but thrived at it) as well as monetarily (quadrupling salaries and gaining access to perks and privileges reserved for the corporate elite).

Although many of my clients have been men, I’ve seen an overwhelming deficiency in the leadership and influence techniques geared towards women.  That’s when I decided to focus my efforts on this crucial area of female empowerment and developed:  Influence It!  Real POWER for Women.

Women’s Coaching:  Influence, Leadership, Empowerment,
Personal and Professional Development … Success!

Over the years, women have been taught, albeit consciously or subconsciously, that exerting their influence could be perceived as being manipulative, domineering or controlling … all negative perceptions.  And after all, it wasn’t that long ago where feminine views were scattered afterthoughts buried by the “good ‘ole boys” who wanted to keep things status quo.   Women sought permission to make simple everyday decisions.  Not anymore!

Times have changed and so has women’s roles in the home and workplace.  In order to compete with their male counterparts, learning influence – the power you’re born with … the direct relationship between your soul and who you are at the core – is more critical now than ever.

Influence is seeing yourself in relation to what you want with crystal clarity.  And not only feeling but knowing that you can get there! Envision for a moment being valued for your talents, abilities and character – a genuine woman-preneur.  Nothing beats that!

Join women around the world who are receiving weekly my most valuable tips, tools and spot-on information to move forward with influence. The widely read,  Influence It!  Real POWER for Women, free newsletter offers readers valuable insight, know-how and the most up-to-date information on women and power.

I’ve created several dynamic products and programs to help you discover AND exercise your influence.   You will learn  to master the skills to have virtually everything you want.  Leadership.  Power.  Self Confidence.  Success.  These are all the residual benefits of learning the true power of influence.

I guarantee it!

Influence It!  Real POWER for Women