The name Karenji (ka.ren.gee) is derived from two Japanese words: yakara meaning a group (of people) and charenji meaning challenge. Thus, Karenji translates to group challenge.

Karenji is based on the popular game Sudoku, but provides a new twist to the Sudoku concept and playing with multiple people (patent pending). Karenji is ground breaking because it is a true board game and group challenge; not only do you have to use your skill, but you have to overcome the odds of chance!! Unlike other Sudoku games, Karenji is based on skill and luck.

Join the Karenji Kraze by determining:

How many people are playing? 1 player = go solo to learn to play Karenji by yourself
2 players = try your luck against another
3 players = add strategy to your game
4 players = make it fun and fast

How difficult do you want the game to be:

Kalm (easy), Kool (medium), Klever (hard) or Krazy (insane)?

Are you going to use a timer?

Are you going to use a scratch pad to record possible solutions?

All these things enable you to determine how hard, difficult or fun Karenji is and what bonus points you would like to come into play. All these decisions affect your overall score.

Check your scores in the Game Center leaderboards to find out who is the Karenji King!!!


About the Developer: iApps

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