Beautiful handmade soaps using fresh goats milk and other quality products to create a premium product everyone falls in love with as soon as they use it.

A lot of planning goes into the process, as each soap needs to cure for a minimum of four weeks. Apart from FRESH goats milk, all the other ingredients found in The Karma Soap Company’s homemade soaps are all locally sourced, therefore Im also supporting other local businesses around me. The Karma Soap Company is also dedicated to effective packaging to limit its contribution to landfill and so all orders are packaged in a recycled box and fill. You get back what you put in. I wanted to put a lot of goodness into my soaps, so people would get all the benefits out of that into their skin. This is especially so for babies and others who need soap for sensitive skin – this is the perfect soap for eczema sufferers. When I began my Karma journey, I wanted to create a soap that was appealing in every way - appealing to the eye, appealing to the nose and of course, appealing to the body. After my extensive research, I learned how to make soaps that use fresh goats milk, and also look amazing and smell delicious. The result is a massive range of colourful and scented goats milk soaps that’s unrivalled in the market. I know you’ll enjoy using my handmade soaps as much as I enjoy making them for you!