Kātha Soma™ is a personal care company that offers two primary product lines 1) medicinal dermatologic therapeutics for vulnerable or troubled skin and 2) sensory therapeutics to nurture emotional well-being.

Kātha Soma™ medicinal therapeutics work in harmony to support the body's natural capacity to protect, balance and renew.
Each product is botanical enriched and formulated with 98% natural ingredients.

Kātha Soma's proprietary products are available to consumers and healthcare practitioner via e-commerce. Katha-Soma.com

Kātha Soma is a green business our guiding principals cultivate social responsibility, our manufacturing and operations bestow reverence to the earth, our therapeutic formulas model the renewal capacity of nature.

Kathá Soma therapeutics are formulated to help people living with cancer, chronic disease or slow cell renewal due to aging, minimize their signs & symptoms, achieve daily comfort and maintain quality of life.

Supportive Care is given to address the quality of life for people who are living with a chronic or life-threatening disease, such as cancer, diabetes, Sjogren's Syndrome, lupus, heart disease or Parkinson’s disease. The goal of supportive care is to prevent or treat as early as possible the symptoms of a disease, side effects caused by treatment of a disease, and address the emotional, social, and spiritual issues related to a disease or its treatment. Supportive Care is also called comfort care, palliative care, cancer supportive care and symptom management.

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