Kaya Errands is a brand-name concierge & errand service from Nocheski. The first of its kind in Ghana; it is targeted at the busy upper middle class niche and upwards. The service is designed to provide access to necessities of life, with little inconvenience to your schedule. We do this by acquiring your request, obtaining requested items, and either delivering them to your residence/place of business, or arranging for the requested service at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. Email for information. Kaya Errands provides work- life balance assistance. We help with all those personal and professional tasks that seem mundane but are still very necessary to get done. Our team achieves work life balance by listening carefully and personalizing our services to meet all our clients' needs. Whether it is a personal errand, or a task to support your employees or your clients, we provide solutions thoroughly and efficiently. And by customizing our services to meet your specific needs, the range of our services is nearly limitless. We help you meet the demanding needs of your hectic lifestyle. Our top priority is our customers' complete satisfaction. Kaya Errands is Bonded and insured.The service is also a member of the Iinternational Concierge & Errand Association (ICEA) and the  Association of Ghana Industries. The ranges of services from Kaya include: � Running personal/business/international errands � Internet Research/Market research � Academic assignments, coursework etc. � Courier services � Surprise gifting Services � Market trips � Laundry pick-up and drop-off � Many more ��..provided its ethical and legal��.