Shout your obsession!  Or let the kayaker in your life know that you get their love of kayaking!  

Kayak Obsessed offers Kayak T-shirts, Kayak Gifts, and Kayak Accessories.  Our Authentic K O Apparel is designed for those who love to kayak.  Our unique gifts for kayakers are  perfect birthday, holiday, or just because presents.  

Our hoodies and t-shirts are 100% cotton and designed for kayakers who want to shout their obsession with kayaking, or as gifts for the kayakers you know.

Our unique gifts for kayakers range from kayak birdhouses, to kayak playing cards and all beautifully wrapped in our kayak gift wrap!

The kayak accessories we carry are designed to make your kayaking experience a bit more enjoyable.  We offer the kayak cup holder designed specifically for kayakers who as the question, "where do I put my drink?"  Our paddle holder kit also helps keep your paddle under control while you launch, anchor, or just need it safely held to the side of your kayak.  It offers three different mounting method so that it works on all types of kayaks.

So whether you are into recreational kayaking, whitewater kayaking, sea-ocean kayaking or fishing from your kayak we have kayaker gifts specific to your type of kayaking!