Author B. Wright-Jones has many gifts and talents, but never knew that writing was one of them until she started writing a blog in 2014 which was encouraged by a friend. Once she started writing she realized that God had just revealed to her another gift she never knew that she had. Be Encouraged, Be Inspired, and Be Motivated to Keep Looking Up is her first book which was published in June of 2017, and it's purpose is to share real-life struggles and experiences so that it may help someone else. Mrs. Wright-Jones continues to write her blog and she knows that she has a mission and purpose to encourage the world. She always ends her blog with the phrase "Keep Looking Up" and that's her exact message to every reader of her books.

Author B. Wright-Jones is not only an author and blogger, but she is also a motivational speaker and writing coach who helps others with getting their books published. B. Wright-Jones is married and resides in Philadelphia, Pa.